Welcome to Our Student Resources Page

Here you will find information for the ASB, Counseling Center, Library and additional resources. For help with your course program, weekly progress reports, tutoring, or a personal issue, go to the ‘Counseling’ page. For Library hours, events, textbooks, and other library media information can be found on the ‘Library’ page.

Granger Technology Support

Students, click below for any tech support during distance learning and beyond.

Granger Tech Support Folder

Social/Emotional Support for Students and Families

Granger has a special website you can go to relax and reconnect, through calming activities!!!

Click here to visit the website and ‘Keep Calm’!

Community Service

Students! Make our community a better place. You can start any time, but hours count towards graduation requirements in 9th grade. Be a leader and serve! Community Service Verification Form (1)

Common Core Practice

Do you want to get ready for Common Core? Take this practice test, then follow the steps:

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Click on the Smarter Balanced Box (second box on the right side of the page)
  3. Click on the green Practice and Training Test
  4. Click on the Student Interface Practice and Training Test.  This will take you to a sign in page.
  5. Just click on sign in.  There is no need to input name SSID or session number. This will take you to a dialogue box asking, “Is this You?”
  6. Select a grade and click yes. This will take you to a number of possible tests.
  7. Select the test you will take.  This will take you to a “Choose Settings” box.
  8. Don’t make any changes. Just choose select and this will take you to a box asking, “Is this your test?”
  9. Click Yes, Start my Test.  This will take you to a box asking you to click on the sound icon to make sure you are getting sound.
  10. Click yes and this will take you to the box where you click on begin test now.

Google Account Information

Did you forget your Google account information? To retrieve your password click this link:

Do you need help understanding difficult text? Go to this website. Just paste in  difficult English text, click the button and you will instantly see an easier version.

  • Congratulations to Granger’s After School Baseball team for their outstanding performance!