Counseling Center

Counselor’s Corner

Granger Junior High School has two counselors who support students in the areas of academic, social/personal, and career counseling. Counselors are assigned to work with students alphabetically by last name in grade 7th, 8th and 9th.

Students may see counselors before or after school, during lunch, and at nutrition break. Students may also fill out a, “request to see counselor”, and the student will be called out of class for a conference.

The current counselors’ assignments by student last name are as follows:

Student Last Name A-James

Mrs.  Monica Aguilar-Garcia

Student Last Name: Juaregui-Magahis

Mr. Alexander Conner

Student Last Name: Magana-Z
Mr. Michael Nafarrete

Counselor Center Phone Number: (619) 472-6000

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