About Us

Mission Statement

The Mission of Granger Junior High School, a diverse community where academic excellence flourishes, is to ensure all students realize their boundless potential through a system of learning distinguished by:

  • An enriching and rigorous academic curriculum
  • An environment that honors and recognizes achievement
  • Effective and timely support and intervention
  • Providing a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment
  • Building character, respect and trust
  • A culture where success is the only option
  • A strong partnership between family, school and community

What our Mission Statement means

It means that at Granger, we expect you to put your studies first because we put your studies first. We expect you to work hard to succeed and we will work hard to help you succeed. Your classes should be at least a little hard, but if you pay attention, take notes, ask questions and attend after school help, your grades will reflect your hard work.

It means that everyone is safe at Granger. Every student has the right to attend school and to be safe.

It means that Granger students always do the right thing, not the easy thing.

It means that we will not give up on you at Granger and you will not give up on yourself.

At Granger, it is expected that:

  • You come to school prepared to learn every day. If anything gets in the way of your learning, see your counselor.
  • You wear the appropriate and complete school uniform.
  • You attend all of your classes all of the time. Be on time.
  • You actively participate in class.
  • You keep track of your grades in every class and attend tutoring/AEC when any grade falls below a “C.”
  • You be respectful and cooperative with school staff. If you are breaking a rule, any adult on campus may give you direction.
  • You treat your peers with respect. Everyone has a right to be here and have the opportunity for an education.

If assigned “O” room or another consequence, you follow through and complete your consequence.

  • You keep track of daily homework and assignments.
  • You help keep Granger clean by picking up after yourself.
  • You understand that extra-curricular activities such as dances and field trips are a privilege and students who are on a non-privilege list will not be able to attend extra-curricular activities.