Granger Jr. High Promotion Information

9th grade will be promoting at Sweetwater Union High School, beginning at 9am, on June  3, 2022

  • All students attending the ceremony will be allowed up to SIX (6) Guests ONLY
  • All guests MUST arrive with the promoting student in order to enter the venue
  • Students are to arrive, with ALL Guests at 8am
  • Once inside, students proceed to the OLD Gym for pre-ceremony arrangements and guests proceed to football stadium
  • All students, guests and staff are encouraged but not required to wear a mask during and after the event
  • Immediately following the ceremony, guests will nee to vacate the stands for cleaning prior to the arrival of the next ceremony’s guests

Student Dress guidelines: 

  • No heels allowed (but flats or wedge shoes are allowed)
  • Any questions, please call the school at 619-472-6000
El noveno grado promocionará en Sweetwater Union High School, a partir de las 9 a. m., el 3 de junio de 2022
  • A todos los estudiantes que asistan a la ceremonia se les permitirá SOLO hasta SEIS (6) invitados
  • Todos los invitados DEBEN llegar con el estudiante promotor para poder ingresar al lugar
  • Los estudiantes deben llegar, con TODOS los invitados a las 8 a.m.
  • Una vez dentro, los estudiantes se dirigen al OLD Gym para los arreglos previos a la ceremonia y los invitados se dirigen al estadio de fútbol
  • Se alienta, pero no se requiere, que todos los estudiantes, invitados y personal usen una máscara durante y después del evento
  • Inmediatamente después de la ceremonia, los invitados deberán desalojar las gradas para limpiarlas antes de la llegada de los invitados de la próxima ceremonia
  • Pautas de vestimenta de los estudiantes:
  • No se permiten tacones (pero se permiten zapatos planos o de cuña)
  • Cualquier pregunta, por favor llame a la escuela al 619-472-6000

Granger Calming Room for Students Staff and Families

GJH Virtual Calming Room

Welcome to Granger Junior High’s Virtual Calming Room where students, staff, and families can find tools and strategies for managing emotions, self care and support from community resources. Note: The shared links are purely for educational purposes and are not intended as psychological.

Bienvenido a la Sala de calma virtual de Granger Junior High, donde los estudiantes, el personal y las familias pueden encontrar herramientas y estrategias para manejar las emociones, el cuidado personal y el apoyo de los recursos comunitarios. Nota: Los enlaces compartidos son puramente con fines educativos y no pretenden ser psicológicos.


Very Important: How to set up your iPad

Please click here for instructions on how to set up your iPad. Do this immediately in order to log in to Google Classroom and begin classes.

Haga clic aquí para obtener instrucciones sobre cómo configurar su iPad. Haga esto de inmediato para iniciar sesión en Google Classroom y comenzar las clases.


College Wednesdays!!

Granger Junior High School and the Griffin Counseling Staff support a college-going culture and invite all Griffin students and staff to participate in College Awareness Wednesdays!

On Wednesdays throughout the school year, all Griffins can wear a college top!  It can be a college t-shirt, sweatshirt or jersey.

  1.   This does NOT include professional team jerseys.
  2.   North Carolina logos and/or baby blue colored shirts are not allowed, except for the UCLA shirts and sweaters sold in ASB.
  3.   If students wear a sweatshirt, they must either wear a college t-shirt or uniform polo under it.

What to do when you Ipad/Lenovo is not working


  • Take the device to the library. Wait while staff check it. If it can be fixed, it will be returned to you on the spot!
  • If the device can’t be fixed on the spot and needs minor repair, fill out a repair form in the Library. Wait for a copy of it and don’t lose it because you will need it later!
  • Within 24 hours. You will be called out of class to pick your device up from the library.
  • If the Device needs more than minor repair – like professional help!  Within 24 hours, the library staff will inform you how long it will take to get the device back.
  • Cash! Be prepared to pay for damage caused by you!
  • Questions? Ask!

What to do when you Ipad/Lenovo is not working